A Trusted Partner

When companies bring on a proposal team, they need to be confident that team will provide 100% support from start to finish. ITP Solutions has proven itself to be a trusted partner throughout the proposal process and beyond. Our proposal development experience is extensive and includes solutions development, volume lead support, and technical writing and editing. Subject matter expertise includes IT systems lifecycle support, enterprise architecture, and software development. We also support cyber security; quality assurance; data storage; and cloud computing Infrastructure as a Service. Recommendations are available upon request.


More than 25 years of professional writing, editing, and management experience, including support for more than 150 Federal and State proposals, RFIs, and task order responses.

  • Volume Management: Two decades of experience leading writing, design, and production teams developing publications for major organizations.
  • Technical Writing: Twelve years proposal writing and volume lead experience supporting technical, management, past performance, and staffing volumes.
  • Technical Editing: Able to provide substantive editing, copy editing, and proofreading support. Skilled at unifying proposal content prepared by multiple writers into a single voice.

Major ITP Solutions Clients (2004-Present)

  • NTT Data Business Development Consultant (Formerly Dell Services Federal Government) (2018)
  • Verizon Enterprise Solutions Business Development Consultant (2017 to Present)
  • Peraton Business Development Consultant (Formerly Harris IT Services) (2017 to Present) 
  • Leidos, Business Development Consultant (2017)
  • Northrop Grumman, Business Development Consultant (2007 to Present)
  • AT&T Government Solutions, Business Development Consultant (2016)
  • Dell Services Federal Government, Business Development Consultant (2010 to 2016)
  • SAIC, Business Development Consultant (2008 to 2014)
  • Perot Systems, Technical Editor/ Proposal Writer (2004 to 2007)

Significant Projects & Proposals

  • Managed Services Volume Lead, SSA Managed Services, 10/2017-12/2017
  • Technical Volume Lead, TSA Integrated Logistics Support, 4/2017-7/2017 ($600M)
  • Past Performance Volume Lead,U.S. Navy Acoustic Device Countermeasure, 2/2017-4/2017 ($20M)
  • Technical Capabilities Volume Lead, U.S. Census Bureau Decennial Device as a Service, 11/2016-12/2016
  • Technical Volume Lead, United States Army Civil Affairs and Psychological Operations Command (USACAPOC) Information Technology Support Services 9/16-10/16
  • Technical Volume Lead, Centers For Disease Control Application Hosting and Enterprise File and Data Center Services, 4/2016-6/2016 
  • Management Volume Co-lead, Army Information Technology Enterprise Solutions - 3 Services (ITES 3S), 12/2015-3/2016 
  • Technical Volume Lead, Federal Student Aid, Next Generation Data Center, 4/2015-6/2015, $500M
  • Technical Volume Lead, Centers for Disease Control, Information Technology Infrastructure Support Services, 11/2013-5/2014, $100M Win
  • Technical Volume Co-Lead, Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Cloud Services, 2/2014-4/2014
  • Technical Volume Lead, Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Data Center Consolidation and Migration to the Cloud, 5/2013-6/2013, $20M Win
  • Technical Volume Lead; U.S. Navy Submarine Maintenance Engineering, Planning, and Procurement; 11/2012-12/2012, $50M
  • Technical/Management Volume Co-Lead, UNICEF Managed Messaging Services, 7/2012-9/2012, $100M
  • Past Performance Volume Lead, Defense Logistics Agency Help Desk Services, 2/2012, Win
  • Technical Volume Lead, National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) Cyber Technologies Support Management Program proposal, 12/2011-1/2012, Win, $160M
  • Technical Volume Co-Lead, Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) Enterprise System Architecture (ESA) IV proposal, 5/2011 & 9/2011-12/2011, Win (shared), $500M
  • Technical Volume Lead, Army CONUS Enterprise Service Desk proposal, 8/2011, Win, $60M
  • Past Performance Volume Lead, Department of Homeland Security (DHS), EAGLE II proposal, 11/2010-2/2011, pending, $22B IDIQ
  • Technical Capabilities Volume Lead, National Institutes of Health CIO SP3 proposal, 10/2010-11/2010, Win, $20B IDIQ
  • Technical Writing/Editing, FBI IT Technical Support proposal, 8/2010, Win, $6B IDIQ
  • Technical Writing/Editing, U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) Core Technologies Services proposal, 7/2010, Win, $200M
  • Technical Writing/Editing, USCG IT Support Services (ITSS) proposal, 5/2010-6/2010, Win, $100M
  • Past Performance Volume Lead, DOJ ITSS IV proposal, 1/2010-5/2010, Win, $1.1B IDIQ
  • Technical Writing/Editing, DoD Counter RCIED Electronics Warfare System 3.1 (CREW 3.1) and CREW 3.3 proposals, 1/2009, $80M
  • Technical Writing, DoD Defense Travel Management Organization proposal, 11/2008, Win, $20M
  • Technical Volume Lead, Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Ground Surveillance proposal, 8/2008, Win, $100M
  • Technical/Management Volume Writing, U.S. Army Ft. Polk Joint Readiness Training Center Proposal, 5/2008, Win, $90M
  • Technical Editing, DoD Joint Light Tactical Vehicle proposal, 3/2008 – 6/2008, $80M
  • Technical Editing, DHS NETWORKS proposal, 1/2008, Win, $200M
  • Technical and Past Performance Writing, DoD UNICOMM proposal, 11/2007, $100M
  • Technical Writing/Editing, Drug Enforcement Agency Enterprise Management Services proposal, 4/2007, $80M
  • Technical Writing/Editing, U.S., Navy Mid Atlantic Regional Maintenance Center proposal, 10/2006, Win, $80M
  • Technical Editing, Department of Health and Human Services IT/Web Portal Services Support for National Women’s Health Information Center proposal, 7/2006, Win, $80M
  • Technical Writing/Editing, Department of Education Data Warehouse proposal, 4/2006, Win, $20M
  • Technical Writing/Editing, DHS EAGLE proposal, 12/2005, Win, $2B IDIQ
  • Technical Writing/Editing, Department of Education (DOE) Data Exchange Network proposal, 1/2006, Win, $20M
  • Technical Writing/Editing, DOE Virtual Data Center proposal 8/2005, Win, $250M